3.5" PC drives
(11-03-2014, 09:03 AM)Mousey Wrote:
(11-02-2014, 07:47 PM)grider Wrote: Okay, off hand do you know the revision number of the 321b and 321j Samsung drives that you tested?
I've just bought a T3 revision 321B myself. Can't test it yet though, as I've only just ordered my Supercard Pro. Smile

This post was useful to me, over on the KryoFlux forums, when I was searching for information on drives:
hawui1 Wrote:Models /LEB starting from revision T6 have lost the density switch, so the last revision of the /LEB type that works well with Amiga 880K disks is T5.
I successfully tried also a T1and a T4 so i would say that the models of SFD-321B that are good to dump Amiga disks are:

SFD-321B /LEB T1
SFD-321B /LEB T2
SFD-321B /LEB T3
SFD-321B /LEB T4
SFD-321B /LEB T5

Okay, thank you! That's what i was assuming but wanted to check!
Blup !

For information :

I'v just test a TEAC FD235F (Atari source and Double Density floppy reader)
Don't Work : No Index
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
Did you check the jumpers? All Atari systems, even 5.25" drives, used the index pulse to start/stop track formatting.
You right (again) Smile
If you have the 720 K drive )FD-235F-100/112), the jumpers are:

For working on PC so on SPC need to be like this

MS ==> None
IR ==> None
RY ==> None
DC ==> None
D0 ==> None
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
Great... thanks for providing that info!
Anyone try any Sony MPF920 plain drives (without an appending letter or -#)? Just curious, since i may be able to get a few shipped to me dirt cheap.

Also I have a question about getting floppy disks. I'm going to be writing images to disk for use on a real Amiga (500, 1000, and 1200). When looking to get new disks I've seen a couple online places that sell DD/DS disks at about a buck a piece. Two places I've found simply through a search are listed below.


As I've read using DS/HD is not recommended by various people on different forums on Amiga's. Even though they may work sorta? So going with the DS/DD is the correct choice?


I use a Sony MPF920-L and it works well. I too got a deal on a dozen of these drives a while back. If I recall it supports up to 82 tracks.

The one catch with it is that if you're writing low density formats (eg. Amiga, Atari ST) to HD disks, you need to put a piece of tape over the HD hole of the disk while writing, otherwise it uses the wrong settings and your copy will be unreliable.

The only other catch I've found with HD disks is that if you need to write to these disks on the Amiga side, you might have problems. Not all DD drives can write HD disks. My internal A500 drive can, but my external one can't. Likely because my internal drive is a replacement from AmigaKit, so it's a modified HD drive to begin with.
(11-01-2013, 05:41 PM)admin Wrote: Samsung SFD-321B - this is an extremely good drive for reading/writing!  *1

*1 - The Rev T6 and later drives are high density ONLY.  So, they will not work for reading/writing DD disks!

How large was your sample size to conclude the rev. T6 SFD-321B doesn't work with DD disks?

Because I received one the other day and — as far as I can tell — it works fine both reading and writing DD disks. Supercard software media test is successful with a DD disk and dumps made from Amiga disks seem fine.

My drive is a Compaq OEM model, SFD-321B/LCPN2
Unless your drive says "T6" somewhere, I believe it is a Rev. L drive.
(11-24-2016, 02:33 PM)admin Wrote: Unless your drive says "T6" somewhere, I believe it is a Rev. L drive.

It says T6 on the label, see pic.

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