RF Modulator, L-R header and VI-II shield
These few questions may sound obvious, and I apologise if they but I'd appreciate answers.

* The RF modulator. Is it needed, should I fit a de-soldered commodore item removed from a 64 and does it output ~ channel 35 like original commodore 64s?

* The R-L header. Is it intended to connect to a stereo audio jack, should I fit a plug and cable relieving a hole in the RF Modulator shield to get from the header to the case?

* The VIC-II shield. Should I fit it?

I'm waiting on a couple of zenner diodes to drop through my letterbox and I will have finished. I found the ICS64 documentation, build guide and BOMs invaluable and a pleasure to use. They were half the fun of the project.

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The RF modulator is not needed - in fact, it won't even fit because the surface mount parts in the way. The only way to use a modulator would be to remove the surface mounted parts. That would be a bit foolish because the ICS64's video output is quite amazing due to the RF modulator replacement circuitry (the surface mounted parts).

The R-L plug is designed for a 3 pin JST plug to a 3.5mm (or similar) stereo jack cable. That can be either mounted to the C64 case or just passed through an opening. You need a stereo SID chip setup, with the extra SID output connected to the extra "L" pad.

You can use the shield or not. Most people don't.

Nice build - it looks great!
Thanks for sharing

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