New Cases for the WiModem232
Love that router name! Smile

Yep, Thomas is a class act. We have been communicating about this problem behind the scenes as soon as we found out about it. There was one other person who also cracked his display in the same manner. I took care of replacing the WiModem232 (and getting the cracked one back from Sweden), and Thomas shipped me a new case which I will use to assemble the new WiModem232 and ship it back to Sweden. Thomas' cases have always fit perfectly, and to be honest he has to develop his products hoping that manufacturers don't change their design. He was not aware that I was using two different types of displays, which is why a problem occurred when people were getting a WiModem232 that was slightly different than what Thomas had received. I promised him that in future I would let him know ahead of time if I was changing something! Smile

Thanks for the kind words guys! Very much appreciated.

I was truly gutted when I heard about these damaged WiModem232's directly caused by my design, and am glad that things have turned out.

Kailef was the first person to receive their case. As soon as I found out, I sent out notifications to everyone whom had purchased this case from me. Unfortunately the gentleman in Sweden for whatever reason didn't get my warning email and I found out later from Jim that he was getting it back to repair. The rest of the people that were affected thankfully didn't damage their modems and were shipped out replacements.

Rest assured, the customer from Sweden isn't going to be out of pocket either as I'm working things out with him as well.

Thank-you Jim for repairing his modem.


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