Adding toggle switch

I just came across this kick board and see that it uses a black and red cable for placing on the pcb. Can a toggle switch be added rather than using the cables? I ask because my Amiga can’t use th soft reboot. Or can turning off the machine or Powering it back up with one of the keys held as stated in the instructions work the same as a soft reboot?
ALL Amiga's can be soft rebooted by pressing CTRL-AMIGA-AMIGA. You could add a toggle switch, but the entire point to this product is the fact that you can switch Kickstart ROMs by just soft rebooting with certain keys or joystick buttons. You can power up with the key pressed if you wanted to. Any form of reset will work.
Ok that’s good to hear about powering up. I’m still trying to figure out why my Amiga won’t soft reset.. ctrl + Amiga + Amiga doesn’t work. Maybe a short on the reset because I know the actual keys are working

Thanks a lot for the info

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