New Cases for the WiModem232
I've just completed and tested my new case designs for both the OLED and non-OLED version of Jim's WiModem232.  As with all my cases, black oxide screws and brass heatsets are used to hold the case firmly together.

For those interested, they can be found at the following links:

WiModem232 OLED Version:


I've made them available both through my shop as well as from Shapeways.

Here are some photos:

WiModem232 OLED Case:
[Image: IMG_2722.jpg]   [Image: IMG_2726.jpg]   [Image: IMG_2730.jpg]

WiModem232 Case:
[Image: IMG_2744.jpg]   [Image: IMG_2749.jpg]   [Image: IMG_2753.jpg]

Hope you like what I've come up with!

That looks great!
(01-12-2018, 12:37 PM)admin Wrote: That looks great!

Thank-you, and great work on the modems BTW! Always fantastic products from you. Looking forward to whatever is coming next!

Any plans to release the .stl file so those of us with 3D printers could print this out ourselves?
Hi, and thanks for your inquiry.

My designs are not open source, as such, I won't be releasing the STLs for free.


(01-13-2018, 08:44 AM)Byte Knight Wrote: Any plans to release the .stl file so those of us with 3D printers could print this out ourselves?
No worries.  If there isn't one from the creator put up in the next week, i'll do one up and post it on Thingiverse.  It is really quite a simple model.
The case I designed is a bit too complex for normal 3D printers. I had planned on making injected molded cases, but changed my mind due to cost. There are several slides required in the tooling, which a 3D printer can't generate quite right (at least not with an Ultimaker 2+). I am looking at making cases again because of the sheer number of these that have been sold.
So you guys don't like mine?

Here are some other colors for those curious as to what variations would look like.

All printed at 100 microns.


[Image: IMG_2813.jpg]
One of the problems reported to me with your case is that there is no way to run screws through the connector to attach it permanently to a RS-232 port or cable.  This is why I used pins in my design, which makes it so you can take it apart to do an emergency reset, but that requires very tiny pins that don't 3D print so well.

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