Amstrad CPC 3" DDI-1 Drive

i'm actually use a kryoflux to dump Amstrad CPC Disk with a DDI-1 and convert the raw files with SamDISK (hello simon ...)

i've just order your SCP and want to test this drive on it ...

can i make the test without any damage ?

If it works Kryoflux it will work perfectly with SCP.
(02-26-2014, 07:12 AM)admin Wrote: If it works Kryoflux it will work perfectly with SCP.

but has i've see in scrrenshot of your util not Amstrad cpc in disk type ...

If the drive has a 34 pin interface it should connect and work fine.
I've just tested my 3" DDI-1 drive and it works fine with my usual adapter cable, so it won't be a problem for Amstrad CPC dumping.

I was initially confused by the lack of 720K option in the copier drive types, but noticed that the editor/analyzer shows "360/720K" in the same position. Maybe just needs the label in the copier updating to say the same?

The Atari 800 option looks also looks like it's suitable for the CPC/+3 too, as it has the same 1 head and 42 cyl range used for 3" drive dumping.
Yeah, those "disk types" are just there to auto-fill in the number of tracks/sides fields. I am going to change that to a list (long list in fact) of different computers that will auto-fill the fields, and then make a HEADS (0/1/both) option.

just receive my scp

i test some 3" in my ddi-1 but it seems to read side 0 and 1

i have take atari 800 config and up to 41 track

when it read it make two pass on each track and the sound make me think it's arrive a the end of disk at track 22 ...

can you help me ?

thanks in advance
I have no experience with these drives, so hopefuly Obo can chime in on the settings he is using.
The output image suggested it was double-stepping the head between tracks, so only the first half of the image contained any data, and most was for the wrong tracks. For the last half of each side it must have been knocking up against the head stop! I don't quite know why it's reading both sides, but that should be easier to override manually.

I suggested resetting the program settings back to the default, and trying again with the same Atari 800 setting I'm using, but that didn't seem to help. It's been working fine for me without any tweaking, and if I did change any settings, resetting them did correctly restore it back to the original defaults.

Would any combination of TPI setting and track count in the program cause it to double-step?
The only setting that would cause a double-step would be if you have it set to a 96 TPI drive. If the drive was set to 48 TPI, then no double stepping would occur.

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