Using higher speeds...?
Got it! Thanks to a suggestion from another Atari user, I dropped
back one version of HSModem, the software that remaps the
port speeds and it seems to be working now! I logged in and
navigated around the board as well as downloading about 1/2
a dozen files, with no errors, glitches or dropped characters.

I'll keep testing for now but it's looking good!  Smile

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Nice! Congrats on getting it working. Faster baud rates always make for a better user experience!

Since I posted that message yesterday, I have discovered another
issue. I don't think this has anything to do with the RSVE mod or
the WiModem232, but software/buffer issues.

Everything is great at 38.4k. Screens, downloading, etc, are solid.

It's when a login occurs at 19.2k that I'm seeing problems. The BBS
still runs fine - screens are great, no glitches dropped characters, etc,
and navigating around the board is perfect.

However, when a download is attempted, except for the smallest of files,
it gives repeated CRC errors and timeouts, eventually failing. It's acting
like the 19.2k caller is logged in at 38.4k and sending all that data at them
in a massive spike.

The HSModem software has options for receiving and transmitting. Standard
settings for both is 256. The Express SysOp I quoted before (the one who ran
this same setup back in the day) used receiving settings of 32768 and transmitting
settings of 256. This is what I've been running. He mentioned that they might have
to be adjusted and recommended doing so in increments of 128. I started with the
transmitting one, assuming it was the most important one, as the BBS is "sending"
to the caller. I tried 32, 64, 128, 256 and 384. That's where I stopped last night
because it was around 3am and my eyes were starting to cross.

I'll play around with it more today but that's a real kick in the gut if only people
calling in at 38.4k can download, because honestly, most original Atari hardware
people are not going to have the RSVE mod in place. Now Mega STe owners using
their 2nd serial port, TT owners using their enhanced ports, or Falcon owners can,
but that still leaves out all the 8bit crowd and regular ST owners.

If I can't get this adjusted and working correctly, I'm not sure if I can justify
staying at 38.4k for a minority and leaving everyone else out.

Now I know - some are going to ask how many download requests do I actually
get? Yes, that's a fair and valid question to ask. Not many overall, is the answer.

But that's not the point... Smile
Does your setup have hardware handshaking? If so, then you need to enable this with the WiModem232 using AT&K1.
Yes, I've been using that for a while.

Both on the Mega ST4 that runs the BBS and on my Atari's
equipped with WiModem232's that I call in with...

Quick question - is there some specific reason that 28800 is not among the
supported speeds for the WiModem232?

Because that is not a standard baud rate. Typically 28800 modems connected at 57600 baud DCE speeds, but the over-wire baud was double 14400.
Gotcha. Kinda figured it was something like that.

Thanks.  Smile

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