3.5" drive (Sony MPF920-1) goes berserk when I connect it
Hi all. I've used my SuperCard Pro for a little while now, I've been able to successfully image all my 5.25" floppies with it. Now I'm trying to image some 3.5" floppies (I imaged them before using ddrescue but now I want to redo them hopefully a bit better). However for some reason I can't seem to get my 3.5" drive working with it.

Whenever I connect my 3.5" drive, it just goes berserk. The light goes on and it starts running the motor forever. Note that this happens before I even start the program. It's basically as if it's being fed too much power or something.
I should say that it has been a while since I've confirmed this drive to be working (when I used ddrescue earlier I used a laptop's internal drive) but currently I don't really have a computer that I can connect it to. The drive is a Sony MPF920-1 which I think is a confirmed compatible drive.

I've tried flipping around my power connector but I can only get it to either not work at all (stays powered off) or it goes nuts.

Here's some pictures of my setup:

[Image: eA5p6AY.jpg]

[Image: zLQ0z85.jpg]

[Image: lGmLLf5.jpg]

I'm assuming I'm just doing something really wrong here, but can anyone tell me what it is?
Thanks for any help Smile
Either you have plugged the ribbon cable in backwards, the jumpers on the drive are set incorrectly, or the drive is just bad. It shouldn't do any head movement at all with just power and the SuperCard Pro board plugged into it. If you did plug the ribbon cable in backwards then it likely damaged the SuperCard Pro board. Make sure you pay attention to the pin 1 (red stripe) orientation on both the SuperCard Pro board and the drive. You could try plugging the drive into the last connector on the cable instead of the middle one. That will reposition the SEL line, which is like moving a jumper for the drive selection.

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