Bill of Materials (BOM) and guide for ICS64S
Please see the PRODUCT MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS page (link below) for the latest information for assembling the the ICS64S motherboard.  The BOM Guide is handy to have while you are doing your assembly.  You can follow the order of parts to be assembled and check off the box next to the part number once you have completed installing and soldering the part in place.  The BOM Reference is an amazing way to determine EXACTLY where each part goes!

If you have a donor motherboard, nearly everything can be transferred over to the ICS64S, saving you from having to purchase all new components.  Of course, new (modern) components results is a vastly superior setup!
Any chance we can get the BOM as a spreadsheet? It would make importing into supplier websites much easier.
Sure... I will add that link.
I was going to the assembling the ICS64S motherboard. The guidance was very good and helpful.
(03-20-2021, 08:18 PM)admin Wrote: Please see the PRODUCT MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS page...

The link to the .XLS version of the BOM doesn't appear to be working? 

Fixed! Thanks for pointing this out.

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