Bill of Materials (BOM) and guide for ICS64S
Please see the PRODUCT MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS page (link below) for the latest information for assembling the the ICS64S motherboard.  The BOM Guide is handy to have while you are doing your assembly.  You can follow the order of parts to be assembled and check off the box next to the part number once you have completed installing and soldering the part in place.  The BOM Reference is an amazing way to determine EXACTLY where each part goes!

If you have a donor motherboard, nearly everything can be transferred over to the ICS64S, saving you from having to purchase all new components.  Of course, new (modern) components results is a vastly superior setup!
Any chance we can get the BOM as a spreadsheet? It would make importing into supplier websites much easier.
Sure... I will add that link.
I was going to the assembling the ICS64S motherboard. The guidance was very good and helpful.
(03-20-2021, 08:18 PM)admin Wrote: Please see the PRODUCT MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS page...

The link to the .XLS version of the BOM doesn't appear to be working? 

Fixed! Thanks for pointing this out.
If this is posted in the wrong place, please let me know.

I'm nearly done with my ICS64 build and just waiting for a couple more IC sockets to show up in the mail.

While testing, I ran into some issues with the 5v rail, which doesn't seem to be working at all?

I suspected that I might have a problem with the 1A 7805 regulator @ VR2, so I replaced it with a Recom R-78B-1.5, but so far this hasn't made a difference?

Here are the voltages I'm readings at various test points:

TP1 12.38 DC
TP2 9.23 DC
TP3 9.23 DC
TP4 9.34 DC
TP6 0 (this should be the 5v rail?)
TP7 6.3 AC
TP8 6.14 AC

VIC Pin 40 9.22 DC
SID Pin 28 9.29 DC
RF Mod 12.4 DC

Here are the jumper settings I've selected on the bottom of the board:

JP2 Open (what does this one do?)
JP3 5v (using an 8565 R2 @ 5v)
JP4 24 (will use standard ROM)
JP5 24
JP6 24
JP10 24 (will use standard ROM)
JP11 24
JP12 24
A13 - A15 Open (plan to use Kernal switcher)



Any tips or leads?
I found a short on my 7 Pin DIN power connector, which was clearly the culprit for the issue with the 5v rail.
Once that was cleaned up, almost all of the 5v source voltages are testing correctly now.

The key exception is the VICII circuit, which for some reason reads 9v everywhere a 5v source voltage should be?

BTW - I've triple-confirmed that JP3 is definitely set for 5v VIC... 

Irrespective, what could be causing all of the source voltages on U29-U32 to hit 9v, instead of 5v?

New voltage readings:

TP1  12.01 VDC
TP2  8.75 VDC
TP3  8.73 VDC
TP4  8.9 VDC
TP6 5.20 VDC
TP7  6.17 VAC
TP8  6.08 VAC

VIC Pin 40  9 VDC
SID Pin 28 9 VDC
RF Mod 12 VDC
Re-download the manual! I made a change a week or so ago for something I had forgotten. Refer to page 73. You MUST cut the trace between 12V and the center pad of JP3. Otherwise, you are tying 12V to 5V and you will get between 8V and 9V!!

JP2 is for a special PAL mode.
(10-18-2021, 07:34 PM)admin Wrote: ...You MUST cut the trace between 12V and the center pad of JP3.  Otherwise, you are tying 12V to 5V...

Uhg! That was it. Wasn't aware of the v1.2 manual update. Thanks!

I cut the referenced pad and now all voltages are testing correctly (nice!).

I also noticed that my 7812 and Recom 5v SReg are running much cooler now.
Guessing the short was causing them to fight with each other.

Attaching a view of all the voltages I'm reading on the unpopulated board...


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