can't make connection to wimodem232
Hello, I tried posting this thread earlier but it never showed up so I am trying again. I am using an IBM Aptiva running MS-DOS 6.22, and recently bought the WiModem232 with OLED screen. I have it connected to the serial port via a serial cable and 9pin to 25 pin adapter.  When I try running a terminal program such as Telemate, Telix, Kermit, etc., when they load i am unable to type anything. when I try setting the com port to 1 in telix and telemate I get an error telling me it can't initialize that port, only com2. in Kermit I don't get an error when I set the port to port 1 but I am unable to type anything. Any help would be much appreciated.
Sorry, but first posts have to be manually approved and then you can post anytime you like there after. See your original post for the response.

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