Connected modem to ATARI XL

I connected my new WiModem232 sucessfully to my Atari 8-bit using an ATARI 850 interface.

There was a little trap. The four serial ports of the ATARI 850 interface look like normal RS232 ports (D Sub, 9pole, female), but the pinout is not the pinout known from pc. Also, the four ports are not identical. Port 1..3 can be used for RS232, port 4 is a current-loop for TELETYPE-machines. Port 2 and 3 doesn´t support all RS232-Signals. I used port 1 for the WiModem.

Owed to the 850s unusual pinout, you can´t use a standard 9pole-to-25pole-dongle to connect WiModem. I build a selfmade wired like this:


Thanks for the info!
It should be noted that the ICD P:R: Connection and ICD MIO use the same pinouts for their RS232.

The MetalGuy66 reproduction of the MIO uses standard RS232 cables.

I don't remember for certain if the ICD P:R: Connection's Port 2 is identical to port 1, or a "stripped down" port like the 850's, but I'm almost certain it's normal.

A few of us have been using these quite successfully for both running and calling BBS's both on the Atari 8-bits and the ST's. It's a great device.
Thanks for the new info! Glad you like the WiModem232!
Just a note about this... you need to use a "CX-87" cable with the 850 and any real (or emulated) RS232 device. The "CX-87" cable is a MODEM cable. The "CX-88" cable is a NULL modem cable, and WILL NOT WORK.

You want this one:

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