Looking for affordable head cleaning tips/recommendations
I'm in the process of imaging hundreds of disks. I cleaned the heads once by gently using a soft absorbent lint-free swabs with 99.9% IPA.

I'm probably a hundred disks in, and have only a tiny set of disk-imaging related problems. Cleaning the disks themselves by using a custom 3D-printed disk holder, "rotation tool", and that same swab and IPA has resolved most of the issues.

I haven't needed to reclean the heads. KNOCK ON WOOD, everything just seems to be working.

I will say that I've been very careful about storing my disks. I have nice disk cases (Babbages!) which are almost air-tight, with desiccant packs in each, very little dust anywhere near the disks, and they've been kept in air-conditioned/heated space for 25+ years.

I did buy a 3M cleaning kit for $25 on ebay brand new sealed in box. The alcohol is surprisingly still liquid, although I'm going to use newer IPA, when it becomes a problem.

I can't imagine having to need cleaning the heads after every disk.....or the state of the disks being so bad that you're getting that much debris on the disk heads!

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