V2.1 Available?
Noticed on the homescreen under "News", it says a V2.1 of the WiModem232 is shipping.

What, if any difference from the V2.0 is the V2.1?

Thanks just wanted to stay in the know!
V2.1 hardware has support for RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR simultaneously.
Hello, I am really very satisfied with the Wimodem232 v2.1 so far. So far I have also used a maximum of 9600 baud.
But now I have an adapter for a C64 with which I can transmit up to 38400baud.
But I noticed that the data "swallowed up" from 19200baud.
So I have to activate a data handshake.
I activated the hardware control in the modem with AT & K1.
However, I do NOT have to activate hardware control in the Software Striketerm2013 , but rather SOFTWARE control in order for it to work.
Is this a known bug in the C64 software Striketerm or something from the Wifi-Modem?
Thank you
This is a known bug in StrikeTerm.

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