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What's the utility of the "Power Jumper"?


Also, the mSD card slot will be useful in the future as storage unit for dumps and write <-> read operations?

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As stated in the manual, the power jumper is used for powering the SCP hardware from the USB port. When using the SCP without a USB port you disable the power jumper and use power through the 3.5" disk drive power port.
The only reference I have found at the manual for J1 is to be opened when I want to upgrade the firmware ... but in the picture is labeled as "Power Jumper" .... sorry, but I'm a bit confused.

I'm using self powered drives ... J1 must be opened or closed?

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If J1 is closed (the jumper in place), then the USB port powers the SCP board. If you do not use a USB port with the SuperCard Pro (like as a stand alone copy station or something like that), then you must power the SuperCard Pro through the 3.5" disk drive power port (+5v/GND). If you power the SuperCard Pro board this way, you MUST remove J1.

The firmware update requires connecting the SuperCard Pro to your PC's USB port. As stated on page 15 of the manual:

To setup the SuperCard Pro board for a firmware update:
• Attach the SuperCard Pro to a PC system's USB port.
• Remove jumper J1.
• Insert the flash jumper so that GND and Rx/Tx on port RS232-1 is
jumpered (see figure 11 for details).
• Re-insert jumper J1

So, you would remove jumper J1 (which powers off the SuperCard Pro board). Attach the firmware update jumper (provided with your SuperCard Pro when you purchased it). Then place J1 back in place.

You don't need to update the SuperCard Pro firmware. All boards are shipped with the latest firmware. There has not been an update to the firmware in several years, and no update is planned in the immediate future.

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