What is the "No-Flip" mod?
The No-Flip Mod allows you to read the backside of disk without having to remove it from the drive, flip it over, and re-insert it into the drive. Hence the name No-Flip. Others refer to this as "the flippy mod" which makes no sense. "Flippy disks" were those that were double-sided, typically having two different computer formats - one on each side of the disk.

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Found out the other day that if you have a no-flip Panasonic drive, you must have it connected to a powered-up SCP/KF board before you power on the drive. Otherwise, the track 0 sensor is disabled and the drive rams its head against the stop repeatedly.
This is the same as on a real PC too. The problem is that the track 0 sensor does not work when the drive is powered up and there is no signal on pin 33 (it's floating).
Anyone have detailed instructions to do the "Flippy" mod on Panasonic JU-475-4 drives?
There are YouTube videos on how to modify the drive. It's rather difficult and requires an oscilloscope to re-align the drive heads after you take it apart for the modification. Sncboom2K (a forum member here) does this as a side business. That would be your best bet if you really want one. However, there is very little benefit to having one.

Anyway, I think I can flip the disk manually, set the sensors to "Ignore" and make backups of "other" side, right?
Yes, if your disk drive supports this option. Some disk drives do not allow the ignore sensor to be ignored.
I have bought two Panasonic JU-475-4 ... these drives support the INDEX Ignore feature?
Yes. You need to make sure the jumpers are set correctly. I believe the 'EX' jumper has to be set. There is info in the HARDWARE forum.
I can confirm the hammering action of a modded Flippy Floppy drive ...
I have one I modded on my KF unit.
Modding isn't an easy process as it requires allowing the head to 'seek' below track zero.
So some physical cutting and grinding of the chassis plus the head assembly is needed..
Only mod one after researching how to on youtube..and if your modding skills are up to the job.

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