Using for BBS Setup but no ATA
The WiModem doesn't have RI, RTS, DSR, or DTR externally. These are internal only.

You can use the WiModem already up to 38400 baud. So, there is no need to hack anything.
Sorry Buddy, you simply dent get my point.

A lot of Terminal Programms support UP9600 or more which is good for normal Users, but Cbase from Sysop view simply doesnt support UP9600 the only way to have more than 2400 BPS is swiftlink. Therefor i need to re convert the C64 Userport TTL to RS232 then to use the Wimodem for cbase at 9600. As said, standard 2400 Hayes works just great, but that is not what i am looking for.

So i will create sort of a ttl to rs232 converter. Maybe i am just thinking wrong way but will dig into that and see what i can come up with.
I had a choice to make the WiModem either RS232 compatible or Commodore modem compatible, and I chose the later.  You need a driver to support higher baud rates with any C64 program.  A cartridge with a UART is probably what you want to use (like SwiftLink and others).

The WiModem hardware can support up to 4.1 megabaud, but it's interfaced through the user port only, and only a couple of the lines are supported in hardware (DCD, CTS, RxD, and TxD).. nothing else is connected to the user port.

My WiCopy program is using 38400 baud through the standard user port.
Shouldnt it be possible to build a Swiftlink SubD9 to Userport WiModem extension Board with Max232 Chips then ? or am i guessing wrong
You are guessing wrong.  The C64 itself needs special software to be able to handle a high baud rate.  The stock user port (kernal) routines can only handle about 600 baud.  After that, you need a special driver.  1200/2400 baud was built into most terminal programs.  Later the UP9600 hack was created and added as an external driver for terminal programs like NovaTerm.  The Swiftlink plugs into the cartridge port and has a UART (serial transceiver chip) connected directly to the C64's address bus.  The UART handles the communication in hardware, but special software is needed to be able to read/write to the Swiftlink's control and data addresses.  The WiModem was built to work with the user port, and certain lines are required from the user port.  There is one handshaking line that is emulated inside of the ESP8266 chip, and there is no DSR/DTR or RI lines.  Even if you could make RxD/TxD work, it would be limited to 1200 or 2400 baud, because without the proper handshaking it is not going to work at higher baud rates.

I could have made the WiModem a cartridge that emulated the Swiftlink, but that would have tied up the cartridge port - which is something that I didn't want to do.
Okay, that makes sense then.

Wouldnt it be a good Idea to develop a Wi232Modem to connect to Standard rs232 to have a Product that would be interesting for all Kind of Plattforms then ? :-)
The WiModem I am making for the Amiga is this way.
Nice, as soon as there is an option to get one post me please, i really want to get that going on my bbs
It's for a standard DB-25 Amiga serial port.
no Problem, i have the cables to convert to subd9

Any estimated Date ?

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