Using for BBS Setup but no ATA
Hi there,

i got my Wifi Modem today and configured it to up9600 and did some calling out tests which worked flawless.

Now i want to setup another BBS and use the Modem for that. Sadly if i try to telnet from any other device to the Modems IP at port 6400 absolutely nothing happens.

Do i need to setup anything else which i didnt notice yet ?

Thanks for Help
Are you setting up your router to re-direct incoming data to your modem's IP address?  You will need to use port forwarding in the router to port 6400.
I checked with Port forwarding and tried to connect directly to the ip Adress of the Modem.

Problby it`s not working when using UP9600 ? I hadnt had the time to check at standard 2400 yet.
Connection has nothing to do with the baud rate.

Your router has to know the IP of your WiModem, and the port has to be forwarded to it.

You will need some type of service to have a static IP address. I used for my testing.
I for sure know how to deal with IP`s, port and dyndns services as i already run a BBS for more than 20 Years :-)

sorted that meanwhile, my routers Firewall needed to be adjusted and Port 6400 was blocked and now it answers with ata and ring.

But another thing i am wondering about.

What kind of Modem do i need to configure for Cbase ? I configured "9600 w/TM Acceleration" but the Modem doesnt respond to Modem Init.

up9600 with ccgms2017 or novaterm9.6 works as said perfect. Did you guys check Cbase with that ? And if you did, how do i need to configure cbase then ?
I have never seen CBase, but remember that currently init "strings" are not supported. The WiModem only accepts a single command per AT command sent, so something like ATE0V1Q0 does not work. All of those commands would need to be sent separately. This is on my "to do" list.
worked with 2400 but not with up9600, could you add displaying the rts/cts & dsr dtr settings when typing ati ? that would help me a lot.
also another thing, which i noticed after some research, some cbase mods dont support due switching to swiftlink or turbo232 compatibility.

On some Forums i read that one guy connected his Swiftlink to another wifi Modem (not yours) . I guess it should be possible to add a sub-d9 connector to the Modem and connect it to the swiftlink. Ofcourse some of the Userport Pins need to be disabled i think. Could you say something about that or guide me how to mod the Modem for that additional use please ?
As stated in the manual, you can see the all of the settings using ATI! instead of just ATI.

I can't give you any guide for modifying the WiModem, because it's not designed to be hacked like that. This is a user port modem emulator. So, it functions just like a standard Hayes compatible modem. You can't use Swiftlink or Turbo232 drivers as they are not compatible at all with a standard user port modem.
Oh sorry, missed that ati! command, sorry.

Just because nobody modified it yet to connect to DB9 and use Swiftlink doesnt automatically mean it is impossible ;-)

Ofcourse you have to add some Kind of Adapter that routes RXD,TXD,RI,RTS,CTS,DSR,DCD,DTR to the Swiftlik instead to C64Userport, which seems very doable as WiModem responds correctly and then we would have a 9600/19200 Wifi Swiftlink addon Modem which would help Sysops which are locked to Swiftlink Modem setup (just as me due Cbase not supporting UP9600) . Theese Signals should be available somewhere at the Circuit i guess.

All i would need is the schematics or the PCB. If you dont wanna share that as you might fear People cloning your Wimodem, just let me know and i`ll sort out that myself. Would take a little bit longer, but as i want the Wimodem to use for my BBS at 9600 i have to hack that myself.

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