Support for 2.88mb 3.5" Floppy Drive?
I have a 2.88mb floppy drive that I used in a PC (ASUS A7V motherboard) up until 2010. I no longer have a PC with a floppy port.

Can I connect this drive to SuperCard Pro and read the 2.88 floppies?
I have never seen one of these drives before, but if it uses a standard 34 pin interface (PC 700 format) with separate power input, then you should be able to plug it in and use it just like any other drive.
OK. My concern is that I asked the same question of a competing product (starts with a "K") and they responded that "the drives are supported but the 2.88mb media is not". I'm not sure what they meant, but in the case of SuperCard Pro, am I able to create a flux image that contains all 2.88mb of data? This format appears to contain 36 sectors per track, according to:
I installed the software (not trivial Smile), and I'm concerned because under Disk Types I see (among others):

IBM 360K
IBM 720K
IBM 1.44M

but I don't see IBM 2.88M

Can I manually enter the proper configuration for that format in some file, or is it not supported? As mentioned above, I want to create a flux image of 2.88mb media.
1.44MB and 2.88MB are the same. The DiskType just sets the number of tracks to use, and that's it.

KryoFlux can't handle 2.88MB disks because they spool the data via USB and the 2.88MB format is too fast for the USB to handle.. SCP spools the data to its onboard RAM and then to the PC.

I looked into these drives a bit. It seems that there are several types, 40 pin, 34 pin where power is supplied via the drive cable, and 34 pin with separate power. You can only use the later with SCP, but it should work fine.

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