SCP Program does not exit
Got the SCP software installed, it seems to work OK, and successfully backed up a known copy protected disk. But when I try to exit the program, it just sits there unresponsively. It won't even close when I tell Windows to end the task. Any ideas what the issue is?

Other than that, so far it looks like a good tool with a good set of features. I look forward to playing around with it some more. (I hate the blue LED though Smile )
That would be a Windows USB problem. What version of Windows are you using? Are you using any type of anti-virus program that monitors the USB ports?
The machine I am using it on has Windows XP. There isn't much else on it. The only things on it that seem like they could be relevant are VirtualBox, VMWare, A TOPPS Eprom programmer (gotta love that Engrish), an Epiphan USB VGA Video capture tool, and an HP 1300 USB laserjet. Interestingly, the software works fine inside a Virtualbox VM if I forward the appropriate device.
If it works under VM then there is definitely a Windows USB issue of some kind.
Well, I tried a few more things to narrow it down. I threw a completely fresh Windows XP install at it, and it still hung at exit. Even before I installed any chipset drivers. Nothing seemed to have any affect, but then I tried throwing in a PCI USB card an attaching the board to that - and that worked.

So it seems like the SCP does not like the ports on this motherboard or perhaps its USB drivers. The motherboard in question is a BIOSTAR A770E3.
Hmm... SCP uses the FTDI driver for it's USB handling. I will look to see if there is some sort of known compatibility problem with that motherboard.
I didn't find any mention anywhere of compatibility issues with any motherboards. The only compatibility issues were fixed last year, and those had to do with certain USB hubs not working correctly.

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