Atari 8-bit imaging
I'm really happy to see the SuperCard emerge! I've never been happy with the slow pace of the Kryoflux team and am hoping this will be different. I submitted hundreds of Atari 8-bit stream dumps to the Kryoflux team years ago and have yet to receive a single IPA.

SuperCard already seems off to a good start with a documented image format and developers making progress in supporting it in emulators and FPGA hardware. I'm also excited to hear that the SuperCard will eventually work as a drive emulator. So much promise!

I've just ordered my device and would like to get involved. I can minimally help by providing disk images of many copy-protected original disks. I'd also really like to see Mac support which I might be able to assist with.

Does the SuperCard require a modified 5.25" drive in order to image the back side of floppy disks as the Kryoflux does? If so, do the modifications that applied to the Kryoflux also apply here?
Let me know if you need any info for supporting Mac OSX. There are FTDI interface (USB) drivers for Mac OSX, and there is C code for dumping disks available.

You don't need a modified drive to be able to read/write the back side of a disk by just flipping it over. However, there is support for a flippy drive in terms of stepping, but not actual reading/writing. I need to add that.

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