Emulation support scp

a lot of advertising for this emulator


What’s new on this release (mainly focused on the FDC) :

- FDC rewritten from scratch. It support now bitstream format, such as Kryoflux RAW or Supercard Pro. Paradigm is also improved to support MFM format (dsk files are re-converted into MFM format). This will offer a true support for complex disk and protection format. For example, overlap protection (« Reussir ») is passed with scp or kryoflux disks.
- EDSK handling also rewritten from scratch. It add a new interpolation, to rebuild the original MFM track. Overlap and iterlaced sector are handled.
- IPF and CT-RAW files supported through the CAPSLib 5.1 (included )
- Current disk can be saved as SuperCard Pro file
- LED colors can be configured through config file
- Insert blank disk DATA / VENDOR added
- Scanlines are enabled if ‘=1′ in the Sugarbox.ini (more logical !)
- B drive support
- Current sector display added
- « About » updated (at last !)
- F3 = toggle 100% / MAX
- Fix a little bug in sound bar, that prevent putting it near 0
- Now working (this is not a complete list !) :
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Neat... I will check this out. I have never seen a Amstrad CPC system before. It's nice to see the SuperCard Pro support.
Maybe to buy it from ebay ?
I think, 15 or 30€ you have it Wink
It's a good computer (after Amiga off course)
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
It could be intersting that you discovered this nice CPU; it is very well known in Europe and a lot of potential SCP user are here Wink
I have looked on eBay, and I have not found anything that was not 399 euros!
Noooo, impossible !

See, in ebay france :

30€ (cpc 6128 + 10 discs)
50€ (cpc6128 + monitor + disc ++)

Where do you leave ?
if you want a CPC6128 and you can't find it on your local Ebay
it's possible for me to buy for you (like 30€) + adaptateur video (if you don't have a amstrad monitor)

Power for Amstrad CPC6128 (which is 3p floppy model)
is done by the amstrad monitor
5v DC for the computer
12v DC for the floppy

monitor with this 2 power alimentation are : CTM640 et CTM644
But, I think To heavy and so expensive

Connectique exemple : http://www.amstradtoday.com/confort/moniteur.htm

I have already send a Amstrad CPC6128 + Color Monitor from FRANCE to CORSE
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
I am in the U.S., so I am not sure how a Amstrad would work with NTSC video systems and 110v.
To power supply the keyboard, you just need 5V & 12V (floppy)- 1.2 A so any transformer can do the job Wink
About video signals, the output is RVB ans should be usable on NTSC monitor.

More info here: http://www.grimware.org/doku.php
exact , I confirm.
Or you can buy too a 110V to 200V, it's not expensive.
As you want !
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur

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