5.25" PC drives
Here is a list of 5.25" PC drives that have been tested with the SuperCard Pro hardware.  Please let us know if the drive you are using is not in our list and we will add it!  Thanks!

Working - full weak bit reading support

Panasonic 475-3
Panasonic 475-4

Toshiba ND-0401GR

Working - but NO weak bit reading support!

Panasonic 475-5AKJ

Teac FD-55GFR
Teac FD-505 (dual 5.25"/3.5" drive)

Epson SD-600

Canon MD7511 (dual 5.25"/3.5" drive)

Working - but unknown weak bit reading support


Working - but high density (1.2MB) only!

YE Data YD-380
Just a note to owners of flippy modified Teac drives. These drives are not yet compatible with the SCP as they have been modified for track 0 on s1 to be aligned as the starting point for a KF dump. This puts the head in a -4 track position on s0.

Until this can be addressed - this drive will start at -4 track on s0 resulting in failed copies / images.

This information applies to any flippy modified Newtronics D509V2's as well.
Flippy drives work fine with SCP for side 1 (front side). Reading/writing of side 2 (back side) using the "No-Flip" (flippy mod) is not yet supported.
I just got a Panasonic ju-475-3 off ebay.. and I need some help on the jumpers setting (they are all removed) can anyone tell me witch
one I need to set? mainly for low density
I have made two new threads with the jumper settings for 5.25" and 3.5" drives. The JU-475-3 info is there.
The YE Data YD-380 floppy drive works, but only for high density disks.

I was able to the extract the contents of several 1.2M PC disks.
Thanks for the info, I will make a note on that!
The 360KB TANDON TM65-2L floppy drive works too.

I have been able to the extract the contents of several 360k PC disks so far.
Thanks, I will add it to the list!
For what it is worth, I have been using a Fujitsu m2551a 360K drive with the SCP. Very nice, well bit drives. No idea about weak bits. I don't think any of the copy protected software I have uses that method. Is there any other way to test for that?

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