Emplant P3 chip / SCSI chip
I bought the Emplant Deluxe (quite some time ago) and also have the e586 addition. The P3 chip I have on my board has a sticker code of "P3-4693-C". Do I "need" the one you have on the site?

Other question I have in in regards the the SCSI chip on the board. Is there a "better" or updated version available, and even if there is, would it work? I remember reading somewhere where you mentioned you had purchase a small truckload of SCSI chips only to find that they wouldn't work for what you wanted and settled with the one you used.

Thank you for any info.
4693 is the latest version of the chip.

The 4693 revision of the P1 and P3 chips fixed the issue with the slow SCSI chips.

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