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Emplant P3 chip / SCSI chip - ejohnson81 - 11-19-2023

I bought the Emplant Deluxe (quite some time ago) and also have the e586 addition. The P3 chip I have on my board has a sticker code of "P3-4693-C". Do I "need" the one you have on the site?

Other question I have in in regards the the SCSI chip on the board. Is there a "better" or updated version available, and even if there is, would it work? I remember reading somewhere where you mentioned you had purchase a small truckload of SCSI chips only to find that they wouldn't work for what you wanted and settled with the one you used.

Thank you for any info.

RE: Emplant P3 chip / SCSI chip - admin - 11-20-2023

4693 is the latest version of the chip.

The 4693 revision of the P1 and P3 chips fixed the issue with the slow SCSI chips.