Couple Questions RE: PET
Hi!  I’m going to pick up a WiModem to use w/my PET 4016. (Upgraded 32K) I realize it’ll need to get power from somewhere.  As of now, I have a PetSD hooked up that is using the cassette port for power.

Question 1:  Looking at the images, I didn’t see a USB (mini/micro/otherwise) port to get the power, how does that work?  Are there headers?  (Apologies if I just missed it)

Question 2: Is it possible for multiple devices to pull power from the Cassette port?

If you want a version for a PET make sure you note that in your comments. I actually need to make separate product for this because the board requires jumper settings and a wire soldered to it (where you connect it to a +5V source). You can use multiple devices getting power from the cassette port.

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