What is the ICS64S?
> When is the projected release date?

The release date is about 4 month ago! I have had these sitting here since March, but the build manual has not been completed. I expect to have it completed finally this weekend.

> Have you considered integrating native support for a set of GAL20V8-15LP in place of the PLA?

Yes, but I decided against it and will have the GAL based PLA available as an option for all C64's. The goal of this project was to re-create the C64 using modern build techniques to make it reliable enough to run 24 hours a day for years.

> How about the ability to use a single SRAM chip instead of multiple DRAMs?

I wanted to use the same chips as the real 250407 and several other C64 assemblies use so that a donor board could be used for parts.

> Could a future revision hold both PAL and NTSC crystals and enough room for a ZIF socket for the VICII, to make it easy to swap?

Yes, but that was not the goal of this project.

> Given how many ROM images you can fit onto a single 27C512 EPROM, perhaps it could make sense to consolidate all ROMS down to one socket and use a GAL16V8-15LP to swap between them, similar to what Henning Liebenau did with his RePROM64?

Sure, but that was not the goal of this project.

> Then perhaps that extra board real estate could be freed up to accommodate a second SID? (dare to dream ;-)

Again, the goal of this project was to re-create the C64 as it was, but with modern build techniques and the ability to change ROMs using just the RESTORE key and no additional switches.

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