Computers successfully tested with WiModem232
Just letting everyone know that I was able to get my WiModem232 v2 online using my Apple //e and the Fingerprint Plus printer card and Pro Term 3.1 software.

The Fingerprint Plus is an Apple II printer card form 1983 has both Parallel and Serial outputs on it.
Manual is on here:

I had to create my own cable for the Serial connector on the card as they're non-existent otherwise. I used a spare DB25 male cable cut in half and a spare 5 pin female flat connector I had. I soldered it up used the pinouts from page 49 in the manual linked above.
I've tried this on WiModem232 v1 and v2. WiModem v2 works flawlessly at 19200 BAUD using ProTerm right out of the gate. I'm guessing the v1 has problems with flow control, but I don't want to solder the v1 board at this time.

Anyway, thanks again Drew for such an awesome product!

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