Full Version: Computers successfully tested with WiModem232
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Here is a list of computers that have been successfully tested with the WiModem232.  If you have tried a computer that is not on this list, please let me know so I can add it.  I expect every computer that has a RS-232 interface to work!


Amiga 500
Amiga 1000 (requires DB25 gender changer)
Amiga 1200
Amiga 2000
Amiga 3000


Apple IIgs Rom3 (mini DIN to DB25 cable)
Apple IIgs Rom1 (Apple IIe to IIgs Upgrade kit, mini DIN to DB25 cable)
Apple IIc Plus (mini DIN to DB25 cable)
Apple IIe with the Super Serial Card (DB25 cable)
Apple Mac+ (MDIN8 to DB25 cable)

Radio Shack/Tandy

Tandy 100 (requires DB25 gender changer)
Tandy 102 (requires DB25 gender changer)

Atari ST

1040 STE

Coleco Adam
(using Micro Innovations MIB2 Parallel/Serial Interface or Eve SP-1 Serial/Parallel Interface)
I have used it on my:

Apple IIgs Rom3
Apple IIgs Rom1 (Apple IIe to IIgs Upgrade kit)
Apple IIc Plus

All of the above use the mini DIN to RS232 25 pin cable.

It also works on the Apple IIe with the Super Serial Card and the Correct Modem cable.
Thanks for the info!
(12-24-2017, 01:53 PM)c0op3r Wrote: [ -> ]It also works on the Apple IIe with the Super Serial Card and the Correct Modem cable.

Hey, c0op3r!

I'm having some weird results on my Apple //e with a Super Serial Card and I was wondering what DIP switch settings you are using? I'd like to try whatever you've got to see if it helps with my weird problem.

Thanks in advance!
Sw1 block
1 Off
2 Off
3 Off
4 on
5 on
6 on
7 on

Sw2 block
1 on
2 on
3 off
4 on
5 on
6 on
7 off

Jumper block set to point at MODEM
Thanks c0op3r, I appreciate the info! It's been a struggle to get it to work properly with ProTERM 2.1 which is still my personal terminal of choice on the Apple 2, but I am pretty sure it's just my specific setup, there's lots of people out there who aren't having problems!
Even with the above Super Serial Card settings in my IIe, I can't get the modem to respond at all in ProTERM terminal mode. If I hook up the same modem to my IIc, it works perfectly. What am I missing here?

And what is the "correct" modem cable? I'm simply using a DB25 female to male converter.
There is a photo on the Apple II Enth Facebook page of someone else's SSC setting I will grab the photo and post it here when I am back at my workstation.
Got it working - I set the SCC and the WiModem to 9600 baud and used the generic 9600 baud modem driver in ProTERM.
Add the Geneve 9640 to the list of compatible systems. I'm using Port at 38400 when linking to other TI BBS's running on real hardware and able to download at those speeds. Users need to do an AT&K1. With telnet Window BBS's such as Mystic BBS systems, I have to do a AT&K1 and a AT*T1. Download speeds with Port are at 9600 baud and upload at 4800 baud.

Have not tested on TI-99/4A systems to know if those speeds need to be further reduced for up and/or downloading.

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