Help Needed connecting WiModem with CCGMS 7.1
Hi All,

Title of thread says it all.  I am having trouble connecting my new WiModem with CCGMS 7.1.  First off, it seems that capital letters and lowercase are reversed, as when I use AT commands, I see things such as:

wImODEM - ©2016 bY jIM dREW
(etc., you get the picture)

I am not sure if this is a problem or not, but either way, after I scan for networks with at*n, and after I see my network listed, I still can't join the network by manually typing in the SSID or by using the AT*NS method.  For both procedures, it says "nO ROUTER LOCATED!" (again, the "n" is in lowercase).  And this is after the network scan is picking up my network.

Any trouble shooting tips you may have for me Jim (or anyone else)?

UPDATE: Changed to ASCII mode in CCGMS and obviously that fixed my capitalization problem, but still a no go even though AT*N command lists my router and I am putting my password in correctly.

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