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Anyone notice AI-THINKER wireless network access point appear when using the WiModem232 for a period of time? I left mine on overnight and noticed in the morning I had AI-THINKER with a number attached to it with a strong Wi-Fi signal. Problem is I live in the country with no one around. I searched around the house unplugging everything from the robot vacuum to a Roku, all the while checking to see if that name was still available to connect to. After about an hour, I noticed that I had left WiModem232 on, I unplugged it and sure enough AI-THINKER dissapears.

The ESP8266 shares that name "AI-THINKER", but other than that particular piece of hardware I could not find anything else associated with that name
Hmm... that name should show as "WiModem232", not AI-THINKER. I will have to look into that.
(07-12-2019, 08:24 AM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm... that name should show as "WiModem232", not AI-THINKER.  I will have to look into that.

If you want me to try and reproduce it again or test something I will be happy to do so. It may have also been communicating as it was doing a lot of activity on my network.
Well, normally the module shows AI-THINKER, but I changed the name to be WiModem232. I haven't looked at that in a couple of years. i will have to see if I broke something in one of the updates.
BTW - Its AI-THINKER_6A91C0. It's also an unlocked connection. Can I do anything by connecting to it?
No, you can't do anything with the connection. I deliberately made the name show up in a scan so you could determine if the WiModem232 was powered up. The hex numbers are the last 3 digits of the MAC address.