Full Version: WiModem232 with Commodore CBM610 ??
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I would like to use the Commodore CBM610 with this WiModem232.

Has another user ever tried this computer?
The computer CBM610 has a "female" plug (socket).

I would like to use a 25pin male to male adapter and plug it into this WiModem232.
I am looking forward to a backinfo.

This is the Commodore CBM610:  https://www.von-bassewitz.de/uz/oldcomputers/cbm610/

Thank you
As long as it is truly a RS-232C interface, it will work fine.
ok,... thank you, very interesting...
next time, i test at first an normal "old analog " 9600 baud modem, and if this is fine,
i will order you WiModem32...

thank U
Hey Jim  Angel

At my CBM610 I first successfully connected an old analogue modem to the existing CBM610 RS232 interface.
But the CBM610 has the disadvantage that it needs the signals
RTS-CTS (PIN 4-5) and  DSR-DTR-DCD (PIN 6-8-20)
Can I just solder the necessary "pin" together in an external adapter?

I have now bought a WIMODEM232 modem and tested successfully with another adapter at an C64.
But the WIMODEM232 does not want to work on the CBM610.
The 2.0 version has no more adjustable solder bridges.
What can I do anyway? Thank you

This is the picture from my analoge Modem, where i solder itself at the DSUB25 Modem connector:
[Image: 40137-blup-3-jpg]
Smile works...

the Wimodem232, .. works fine,

the Wimodem232 needs only 3 wires, ground, send and receive, 
the other signals I have for the CBM as seen above on the picture and now it works with the CBM 610
Nice, congrats! Your picture link doesn't work!

You can program the RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR with the v2.x WiModem232. You don't have to use solder bridges anymore.
Yeah, thanks, but what's the exact parameter for that?

I have only read something from AT & D but without any indication of numbers.

pity that the link to the picture does not work properly (I see the picture already), can you load pictures directly into the forum?
The manual has information on the how to change the DTR and DSR. Yes, you can attach images directly in the forum.
I've read the manual several times, my English may not be the best, so I'll try the hardest. Excuse me.
That's why I asked friendly again, I'll stay with the wire bridges.