Full Version: bad data packet crc-32
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Im using the wimodem232 with amiga 3000.
Everything works fine except when I want to up or download files.
I get 

Data packet too large Then
bad data packet crc-32 

The term program is set at 19200  8n1
Serial port on the amiga is set for 19200 8n1  RTS/CTS  and buffer at 1024

Im using zmodem for transfers (but it does it with any protocol )

Modem is on current firmware  6.20   6/3/23
modem also reports 19200 8n1

What stupid simple thing am I missing?

Ive done this and no change
Problem: I connected to a BBS and when I start a download it immediately
starts having bad blocks and retries.
Solution: Make sure that the translation mode is set to 0 (AT*T0). This
turns off the Telnet translation.
Yes, you definitely need to set the translation mode to match what you are connecting to! Also don't forget that you need to enable the hardware handshaking using AT&K1.