ADF support!
No, this is great piece of software that supports converting .scp image files to/from other formats. So you, can load a .adf file and convert it to .scp format and make a disk.
Is recovering back disks limited to the ADF format? is there any way to recover bad disks to SCP format, for copy protected disks in future too?
There is no way to recover flux without directly comparing to a sample of what the flux should be.
Yeah, that is what I thought. When the disks are protected I guess its not possible to check for bad sectors and such, since with such special formats its not possible to know what they should be?

Which I guess means the games I have found errors in so far will not be fixable unless I find a working version of that disk, and then I guess you might as well use that disk instead, making fixing the other one a bit irellevant.

Does making ADFs take such a long time because it is trying to fix errors by default? Or could it be faster?
Making ADFs is very fast (faster than the Amiga at reading disks) when there are no errors.
I manged to recover Starflight 1 & 2 using this method, with only green shown when copying to ADF image. But I'm still getting disk errors when I try the games via WinUAE.

Can disk errors still occur with this method? or did Starflight 1 & 2 use disk based copy protection too? I assumed it was copy protection via manual checks only.

I uploaded the ADF and SCP images at
If the program is a commercial game, it is definitely copy protected. Dump the disk using SPLICE mode with 2 revolutions and try the .scp image in WinUAE.
Thanks, a flux dump in SPLICE mode with 2 revolutions works fine in WinUAE, and shows no errors in HxCFloppyEmulator.

A few commercial games only used manual based copy protection, like AD&D games from Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Hi Jim,

Amiga Floppy Archiving is moving along now 8-)

I am seeing something interesting though.

My general process is, Quick clean using Alignment utility, then Flux image using Amiga mode SPLICE 2 Revs.

For most disks this works. Occasionally I have had to go as high as 5 Revs but only on a few.

However I am seeing something interesting.

To test each Flux image I then try and do a convert using your SCP program from FLUX image to ADF. This actually only works about 30% of the time, even for images that turn out to be 100% OK.

What I see is the read of the flux side GREEN up to 50% then it stops with an error.

I then take that Flux Image, put it through HxC, build an ADF that way and then put the ADF into the Amiga to test with Dave Haynie's DiskSalv 4. which generally tests all OK.

I only see this happen with SCP when the 1st 50% of the conversion is all Green and even then only about 30% of the time. Sometimes the Conversion goes Green all the way to track 79 and I still test with DiskSalv 4.

Would you like me to send you an example of a file that does it and one that goes to 100 % to see if you can reproduce?

Yes, absolutely! Please send it to data @

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