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The ICS64S is an amazing modernized DIY remake of the motherboard used in the best selling home computer in history - the iconic Commodore 64!

  • Enhanced video
  • Built-in ROM switching
  • CIA protection
  • ...and much more!

You supply the parts, we supply the board!

The ICS64S board comes with double-sided SMT components already soldered on the board to provide all of the advanced features - ready for your through-hole assembly (no through-hole parts are included).  Through-hole parts can either be brand new parts or donor parts coming from a Commodore 64 assembly #250407, #250425, #KU-14194HB,or similar boards.  You will need some new parts (a few resistors and small capacitors and an EPROM for the Kernal ROM) to complete the build.   The BOM (bill of materials) and build guide can be downloaded from the Documentation tab above.  Check out the pictures of the completed board above!

The RESTORE key is used for switching Kernal ROMs, resetting the computer, and programming all of the features.  No external switches are required!  The ICS64S supports an optional OLED screen and RGB LEDs to provide information about your system.

The ICS64S board has the following features:

  • Kernal ROM switcher built in!
  • Enhanced video! Composite/Luma/Chroma amplified and filtered video output.
  • TVS diode protection on the joystick ports prevents 6526 CIA damage due to static electricity.
  • 32MHZ CPU that handles RESET, Kernal ROM switching, OLED screen, LEDs, and monitoring of various lines.
  • I/O port for OLED screen (for programming and status) or any I2C device in the future.
  • Serial interface port for changing settings and updating firmware.
  • 3 wire RGB LED interface for status LEDs.  LEDs are daisy-chained.
  • IRQ, EXROM, and voltage lines are monitored and shown on different LEDs and the OLED.
  • 3 pin audio port output with solder pad input for 2nd (stereo) SID channel output.
  • Uses original 24 pin CHAR and BASIC ROMs, or 28 pin versions (2764).  Kernal can be 2764, 27128, 27256, or 27512 EPROM (up to 8 different ROM images).
  • Superior ground planes and trace layout for cleaner signals (FCC Part 15 compliant, ETSI compliant).
  • Modernized power supply circuitry with space for TO-220 regulator w/large heat-sink or a DC-DC regulator (Recom, CUI, etc).
  • Ability to use two different pin-outs (sizes) for the DB9 connectors.
  • USER PORT power output stability for devices that pulse power (EPROM programmers, digitizers, WiFi modems, relay controllers, etc).
  • Jumper pads for setting VIC II power select, compatible with 6xxx(12v) and 8xxx(5v) VICII chips.
  • Improved RESTORE key circuitry (no more beating on the RESTORE key for it work)!
  • Internal dual headers connected to joystick pots, for use with MSSIAH, Prophet64, etc.
  • Internal IEC header (for SD2IEC and other devices).
  • Reset header (for external reset requirements).
  • Ability to easily switch between NTSC and PAL by just replacing a socketed crystal, moving a jumper, and replacing the VICII chip. A change can be done in a minute or less.
  • Two different size crystal oscillator package options.
  • Test points for diagnosing voltages.


PCB: Black with real gold plating, SMT assembly done (requires through-hole parts)
CPU: 32MHz, controlling all functions (ROM switcher, LED(s), OLED screen
Compliancy: FCC/IC/ETSI, CE

Don't forget these ICS64S options:

Connector/Header Kit
USB to serial cable (used for changing advanced features and firmware)
LED: Strip of 4 RGB LEDs
OLED: 0.96" screen and cable
PLA: Gal based

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