V5.0 released - MAJOR UPDATE!
I finally managed to track down the issues that prevented the latest Espressif core to be used with the WiFi module.

I also discovered a data type that was being set wrong which would wrap around a byte inside of a word pointer.  This means that any transfer block that exceeded 256 bytes would end up having the wrong data after the 256th byte.  I guess this does not happen very often - it's on the DCE (computer) side, not the internet side.  The baud rate throttles the buffering, and if the baud rate is fast enough with enough contiguous data (no pauses between bytes) this problem can occur (the modem could actually crash from this).

I added the ability to use your mobile phone to setup the WiModem232 router connection!  This is super handy and gives you the ability to enter characters for the router and/or password that is not available on the C64 keyboard.

Lots of other little, yet worthwhile features were added.  Check out the history for more details!

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