Has my choice been accepted?
I submitted the color choices I wanted for the keys but I have no idea if you got my submission and if you did, do you have my address?
If you received an email with your color choices then it is likely that I received the same email as well. The address you gave when you backed the project on Indiegogo is the address that will be used to ship whatever it was that you backed to you. You might want to log into Indiegogo and confirm that your address is still correct.

I sent out emails to everyone who did not go to the website and select their colors. There are only 22 people left who didn't select colors.
I didn't receive an email with my choices. When I go to Indiegogo it says I have no campaigs, where do I go to check?
Huh? Did you log into Indiegogo using the same email that you used for your color selection? PM me your email address and I can look it up to see if I received an email from you.

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