ST BBS issue with LOG OFF
Hello Jim, and all.

I am trying to run a BBS software that was written in the LATE 90s - and the original author which I am in contact with .. wrote the LOG OFF of the board.. that it would DROP THE CONNECTION TO THE TELEPHONE LINE BY just dropping the DTR

So I notice we have AT&D in the manual, but there is no effect.  This software is not not doing the +++ and then issuing a ATH0.. 

IS there a way to monitor the DTR line? so that if this software issues a hardware command to drop DTR on the modem port.. the Wimodem 232 can see that.. and disconnect the line?

Here is what the Author says.

The software uses the modem's DTR line to drop carrier quickly when a user
logs off.  Dropping DTR causes modems to immediately disconnect.
However, the modem simulator you're using *may* not acknowledge a DTR
drop and instead it might be looking for looking for the old "+++"
indicator to switch to accepting AT commands.

according to this wikipedia post it is the most common use the DTR signal.
Use AT&D2.
(03-21-2022, 10:55 PM)admin Wrote: Use AT&D2.

OH very cool JIM!! So AT&D is now implemented?? in my manual it states that AT&D is only in for the completeness of the Hayes command set..

I need to change that. It's has been implemented for many years. AT&D0, AT&D1, and AT&D2 are all supported.

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