Where to get Apple II ProTerm 3.1

I am an Apple IIe newbie and have bought the wimodem232.

Does anyone know where I can get the .wav file forĀ ProTerm 3.1? Or someone who can sell me a 5 1/4 floppy with this?

I just want to gt up and running with wimodem232, get connected to a BBS for example?

Or any other terminal software?

Any recommendations are super appreciated.
The images for Proterm 3.1 widely available are suspect, as I have found them to run on my emulator, but not on my genuine Apple //e. To remedy this problem, download the official image available fromĀ http://www.applearchives.com/software/in...-apple-ii/

It is an 800k image, but you can use CiderPress to break it into two 5.25" images using CiderPress following the breakdown around page fifty-something in the manual. You should then be able to make a working image of the disks.
Thanks for that info - I know a LOT of people have been trying to find a version that actually works!

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