Fusion 4.0

I saw that Fusion 4 is listed as a (out of stock) item in the shop.
Does that mean that it can be ordered anytime soon? Would be a nice Christmas present...  Smile
I am currently finishing the new video drivers for various video solutions. Once that is done, I will make the new version available. I am just testing out the digital download capability of the new website. I plan to re-release a lot of the older programs, updated.
This is excellent news. Thanks!
Hi Jim
I see that Fusion 4 is still unavailable to buy.
When we can expect it to be ready?
Thank you
I am still waiting on several of the FPGA emulation authors to get their act together so I can finish some video drivers. So, I have no idea when that will occur.
Hi Jim,
its possible to buy Fusion 4 without FPGA video drivers now? /or just test version4?/ I have Amiga 3000 with Cybervision64 card. And i have question about DraCo, i would like to use Fusion on my Marcosystem DraCo, but with older versions was problem with "reserving low memory". rsrvwarm/cold/kick causes only DraCo cycle restart. DraCo´s chip memory is 4mb and in another "adress" /in video card memory/. But competitive software works (SS 3.11). Thank you
The new video driver core is based on the requirements I set forth for my new standard drivers and the FPGA emulators. Until the authors have something for me to test I can’t finish the core. I am in no hurry to do this, but I suppose at some point if these guys do not come through I will have to finish the core and just hope that they have followed the rules and I don’t need to change anything. My goal in this update was to never have to work on this ever again.

I have never seen any system where RsrvMem, RsrvKick, etc. does not work, so you must not be putting RsrvMem as the VERY first line of the startup-sequence. That is the ONLY location it will work.
Thank you for answer mr. Drew. I am looking forward for Fusion4. About DraCo... yes, i put rsrv* in very first line, but again Draco is freezing or restarting. So, its possible to do "something" in version 4, if i want to use your software in DraCo? (as i said, there is chip memory 4mb and in another "adress" as in normal Amiga computers). So i think this is only problem. Without working rsrv* its impossible to reserve low memory and start Fusion. DraCo is good due to 68060, RTG, and faster bus than in Amiga 4000. So MAC emulation will be faster. Thank you so much. Milan
Try turning off the Supercalar mode. This sounds like a problem with the 060 setup. No other 060 has issues like this, and as long as there is memory at $0000000 (which has to be the case because the execbase is there) then it should work. It doesn’t matter if that is chip memory, in fact if you have a MMU (which you do) then that lower 4K is likely mapped to fast memory.
Yes, i tried everything with 060 setup... but rsrv* always freezed or restarted computer /with illegal memory access error/. I will wait for Version4 and then i will tell you, if its working on DraCo. Thank you for now.

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