Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Okay, thanks.

Well, I tried checking IP addresses this morning (hadn't really fooled with this since the last time I posted),
and the IP address list given by ATI5 was there, but with that funky timestamp. AT*TIME was also showing
that weird time format.

So I did the usual AT*NET= dance, switching from static to DHCP and once I did that, it shows the correct
time now. So I switched back but this time it's still showing the correct time. Go figure. That didn't work the
last time I tried it but it seems to be working okay now.

One other thing and this is odd to me...when I switch from STATIC to DHCP then back to STATIC it totally
clears the ATI5 listing. Blank. Nada, after that. (no power off involved).

Thanks and hope you had a great Christmas! Smile

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