Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Okay, first off - hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving! Smile

Now. Okay, that seems to be what it was. I guess I powered off the
WiModem232 even though I have no recollection of doing so. I did
a couple of test calls then immediately checked it and the log entries
were there.

Now about the time. Man, I dunno - I can't ever seem to have things
go normally. Smile

On the WiModem232 on my Mega STe, I did the time check and it was
off (set to Arizona, as you said). So I looked up Kentucky's and it is
supposed to be -5. I entered the command and presto, it's showing
the correct date and time.

Now...I move over to my Mega ST4, the one that runs my BBS. When
I did an "AT*TIME?" it showed the date as something like 1/1/030 206.
and the time was weird too.

Soo...I did the "AT*UTC-5" and it showed a different date and time but
still way weird.

Any ideas there? Thanks.
Thanksgiving was great... I hope yours was as well!

All WiModem232's should show the same thing... its the same code. Smile Is this the one with the static IP address? I don't think that should make a difference. I get the time and date from a dedicated UTC server (same one always), and just adjust the date/time.
Yeah, really don't know what's going on there then. Weird.

Oh, backtracking a bit now... That thing with the OFFHOOK
command here when I use the F10.MDM file to exit BBS Express!
ST and go to the desktop? You know, where I had to actually put
the OFFHOOK command in that file? Well, I can tell you what's
happening now but I can not tell you why.

Express is doing something weird to the WiModem. I was using
that AT&V1 command to show the text commands. On all of my
WiModems, it showed <NULL> for the OFFHOOK command. So
I entered another message using the OFFHOOK command and
saved it. Again. I then ran the BBS software and exited. BOOM!
Going back to the WiModem and issuing the AT&V1 command again
shows <NULL> for the OFFHOOK text.

So...I thought maybe because I had been embedding the OFFHOOK
command in that F10.MDM file it was screwing around with the WiModem
so I took it out, leaving only "ATH1", like it's supposed to be. Did another
OFFHOOK command and saved it again. Checked that it was showing it OK.

Ran Express and exited using F10 again. BANG! AT&V1 once again shows
<NULL> for the string.

I don't know what, or how but it appears that Express is doing something
really weird to the WiModem as it exits.

I'm clueless as to why or how...

PS Sorry - just realized that I didn't answer your question. Yes, that's the
WiModem232 with the static IP address in use...
Well, I wonder if you have AT&F in any of your files that you are executing? AT&F is the only thing that will clear the string.

I wonder if the static IP is somehow preventing the time server from working? I will have to look into that.
Okay thanks.

In the meantime, I'll go through my scripts (there's a ton of them) and
attempt to find anything with the AT&F command in them...

Hmm, I just thought of something...there's a possibility that's embedded
in the Express code. Let me give you an example. After starting Express,
the last thing the WiModem232 has on it's LED screen is this:


The text is pretty small but I think that's what it says. Here's the thing
though - I don't have that command in any of the .MDM files I'm using.
It has to come from Express itself unless there's something else going on?
Yeah, that is coming from whatever is controlling the WiModem232. S2 is the character used for ESC, which is normally "+". You send +++ normally to get into command mode. So changing it to 128 would require 3 of those characters in a row in order to get into command mode. This is common for BBS setups to do this so you can't accidentally ever get into command mode. M0 turns the speaker off.l

It's not likely that the BBS has an embedded command to kill the OFFHOOK string. Smile That would have to be AT*OFFHOOK={RETURN} in order to do that.

I will take a look at the ATZ command though, just to make sure that it is reloading the OFFHOOK string.
Oh... Finally grabbed a screenshot of what the WiModem 232 is doing with the
time command (This is the one on the BBS, set for a static IP address):


Maybe you can make some sense of it...  Smile
That information is provided by the time server itself. I just print what it returns. I am not sure why having your static IP makes any difference.
Could the time server have been screwed up that day?

Maybe I should try using those commands again...
I suppose anything is possible. That information is not interpreted by my code - it literally is just passed along.

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