Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Yeah, really don't know what's going on there then. Weird.

Oh, backtracking a bit now... That thing with the OFFHOOK
command here when I use the F10.MDM file to exit BBS Express!
ST and go to the desktop? You know, where I had to actually put
the OFFHOOK command in that file? Well, I can tell you what's
happening now but I can not tell you why.

Express is doing something weird to the WiModem. I was using
that AT&V1 command to show the text commands. On all of my
WiModems, it showed <NULL> for the OFFHOOK command. So
I entered another message using the OFFHOOK command and
saved it. Again. I then ran the BBS software and exited. BOOM!
Going back to the WiModem and issuing the AT&V1 command again
shows <NULL> for the OFFHOOK text.

So...I thought maybe because I had been embedding the OFFHOOK
command in that F10.MDM file it was screwing around with the WiModem
so I took it out, leaving only "ATH1", like it's supposed to be. Did another
OFFHOOK command and saved it again. Checked that it was showing it OK.

Ran Express and exited using F10 again. BANG! AT&V1 once again shows
<NULL> for the string.

I don't know what, or how but it appears that Express is doing something
really weird to the WiModem as it exits.

I'm clueless as to why or how...

PS Sorry - just realized that I didn't answer your question. Yes, that's the
WiModem232 with the static IP address in use...

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