Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
(11-14-2022, 06:07 PM)admin Wrote: The issue with the router is nothing that I can fix.  That is a router communication problem.

I can look at adding a timestamp to the data.  Is 10 entries enough?

I understand about the router. As I mentioned, it's really not a problem. I'm thinking the problem
is with that Netgear extender because the update works fine with the Linksys router itself. I had
my other 2 WiModem232's running through the Linksys routers' network and they both updated
the first time without issue.

Hmm. Well, I dunno. I mean with the ability to ban entire ranges, I would think that 10 would be
enough, but do you think while you're at it, doubling it to 20 would be more practical?

What do you think?   Smile
I can make it anything really up to maybe 10,000 entries. The problem of course is viewing these. I think 20 would be the most you really should have for something. 25 for the new phone books means that the top 3 are missing on a standard 25 line display. I would have to add control code to say "press any key to continue" then wait on a key, etc. Its a lot of work to do that. So, I will just bump your list to 20.
"maybe 10,000 entries" <shocked look on face>

Oh...kay.... Smile

Yes, I absolutely agree about the 20 entry limit. In fact, it
wouldn't bother me a bit if you rolled the phone book back
to 20 instead of 25. I did notice that the top entries scrolled
off before they could be read.

I think I will change it to 20 for both, just because of the scrolling issue. Thanks for your feedback.
Good call, IMHO - and you've very welcome!
New version with your requested changes. Smile
Ahhh....! I knew it wouldn't take long.

Glad you're not charging by the update... Smile
LOL! Is that a feature request? Wink
(11-16-2022, 01:04 AM)admin Wrote: LOL! Is that a feature request?  Wink  Smile

Seriously Jim, if Fortune 500 companies gave the kind of
support that you do, their complaints department would
consist of one very bored person setting by a phone.
Jim, I made a mistake it seems.

(I know, you're shocked, right?) Smile

I just updated all 3 of my WiModems and as usual,
the first 2 go great, no problems at all.

The one on the Mega ST4 running the BBS does what
it usually does, errors out (at first).

I told you I had to switch it from the NetGear extender
network back to the Linksys router network to update.

There was something else I did but I didn't think that was
the issue, but it is. I also had to change it from static to

If I leave it on static it errors out. As soon as I change it to
DHCP, boom - updates no problem.

Anyway, just thought you should know. Again, it's not a real
issue or problem because I switch just long enough to do the
update then switch back. All good...

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