Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Okay, just wanted to mention something. It's not a problem, just
something that happens.

When I attempt an update on the WiModem232 in use with my BBS,
which is connected to a 2nd network coming from a NetGear EX6110
wifi extender that I'm using, it fails. It even eventually displays some
HTML code. IIRC, it says something about an HTTP(s?) error.

I started using the extender back when I was still having problems.
The Linksys router's network was showing 50-60 db and while that
isn't past the 85 db threshold in the manual, it's on the upper end,
so I added the extender. With the extender, the db range is in the

I can switch it to the Linksys router network and the update works just
fine though, so no problems.

Also, (and I really should have thought of this before, /slaps self hard),
is it possible to also add a date/timestamp to the last 10 IP address
entries? That would be super helpful for matching up with the BBS's

If that can't be done, it's all good. Smile

Thanks Jim.

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