Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Yes! EVERY single command that can not be stacked together MUST have a {RETURN} immediately following the command in order for the command to be sent to the WiModem232.

Even if you do stack commands together (for those commands that can be), you still need a {RETURN} at the end of the command string in order to send that to the WiModem232. Without the {RETURN} (which means you are pressing the RETURN/ENTER key on your keyboard) there is no way to enter a command. In the case of a script file, you need to make sure that a RETURN (CR) and/or LINEFEED (LF) is being sent after the command.

Many programs will use the C coding's fprint() type of data structure, where you can use \r as {RETURN}. So, ATH1\r on many systems will send ATH1 and {RETURN}. You might consult the BBS manual, but it seems to me that you can just enter a return after the ATH1 to drop it to the next line in your text editor and that should work. That is why it works with ATH1 followed by the AT*OFFHOOK= command. I would be willing to bet that unless you have a {RETURN} after the AT*OFFHOOK= string that the AT*OFFHOOK= is not actually changing anything and it would be using whatever was saved previously. You ALWAYS need a {RETURN} in order to have anything you want sent to the WiModem accepted.

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