Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Got it! I had entered the OFFHOOK command to the WiModem232
while in a comms program (TAZ), then saved with AT&W but this had
no effect.

The software I use, BBS Express! ST uses the F10 key to exit from the
program. It also executes a file called "F10.MDM", which is a modem
file. Express actually has 3, BOOTUP.MDM, RESET.MDM, and F10.MDM.

I started out with "ATH1" in the F10.MDM file but this did nothing but
what I mentioned earlier - blinking cursor in SyncTerm when connecting
but nothing else.

Using "ATH1" followed by "AT*OFFHOOK=Testing..." from TAZ (again, a
comms program for the ST) set the WiModem232 successfully so that when
I connected it displayed the "Testing..." message.

So...I put that in my F10.MDM file:


and it works. I can be running my BBS, DarkForce!, exit with the F10 key, which
executes the F10.MDM file and then when I call in it issues the "Testing..." message
so we're good!

Thanks Jim! Smile

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