Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Okay, first off - Zmodem downloads from one Atari equipped with a WiModem232
to another Atari equipped with a WiModem232 is... <drumroll please> SUCCESSFUL!

You did it Jim. Whatever you changed in the Zmodem code now has it working here.

I've got BL set to 1460 and AT&K=1. I'll probably play around with these settings and
see what happens when I lower the buffers or turn &K to 0 (when I've got more time).

But the point is, it's working! I downloaded about a dozen files of various sizes, up to
200+KBs. I did get -1- single CRC error on a midsize file but the comms program almost
immediately resumed the download and it was successful.

But (there's always a "but", eh?). I couldn't get AT*OFFHOOK=" " to work here. I entered
it like this:


But no go. With my BBS software offline, the WiModem232 flashes and says "Incoming Call"
on the LED screen but on SyncTerm, it never gave the "Testing..." message. Is there anything
else I was supposed to set?

Oh, just for quality control, I tried to use AT*HELP and AT*HELP! to look at the new command
but it doesn't appear to be in there. Just letting you know.

But Zmodem downloading WiModem232 -----> WiModem232 is WORKING! Smile Smile Smile

Thanks Jim, really appreciate all your hard work!

PS About the working at the voting station - yeah, gonna be a long day.

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