Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
So, looking at this some more the best course of action might be to make a new string function, like AT*AR=xxx and a mode function, like AT*MODE=x.

The AR string would be just like the BUSY message.. up to 80 characters long. The MODE function is something that I have wanted to implement for awhile now. The default would be 0 (normal), where it acts like a regular modem. Mode 1 would be maintenance mode where it answers on the first ring and sends the AR string, and hangs up. Mode 2 would be offline, where the WiFi chip would be put to sleep, draw extremely low power (and no longer communicating with your router). Issuing a command to the modem would take it out of this mode, back to 0 (normal). So, if you wanted your WiModem/WiModem232 to always power up in lowest power mode and only come to life when you wanted to call a BBS, you could do that using the MODE command. So, I will look at implementing those. I am changing the file transfer guts again because I want to use the newer WiFi core that offers faster speed, SSL, and other features. I am stuck back about 8 versions of the WiFi chip's core firmware at this point. I am also adding a portal so you can setup the WiModem with your router using a mobile device (or your PC if you have a wireless card), instead of using WPS or entering the SSID. There are many cases where people are using characters that are not available on the C64 keyboard as the SSID name or password. This would fix that.

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