Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
It does, but only after the first few pings - then it goes to 1ms (with the WiModem232's).

The HP wireless printer, on the other hand, gets consistently bad ping times and it's
sitting on the same desk as the router! (literally like 3 feet above it). Point of fact
though, it's never had a problem with receiving and printing any files.

I'm currently using a Linksys EA8300 router.

I've got a Kubuntu Linux laptop but I had to google for what a "PiHole" is. Smile

I do not have PiHole installed. I've got Adblocker installed on the browsers on my
laptop and Win10 desktops but I don't think that's what we're talking about here.

I guess it's normal but it's always a CRC error (usually repeated) that occurs when
trying to upload/download WiModem232 to WiModem232, then followed by a time
out or the sender cancelling. Again, it's never from any other combination here,
including people calling in from all over the world. They are downloading from their
end, via the WiModem232 on my BBS, just fine (they tell me).


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